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More Than Company


That age-old question; "how can we live a better life?". In a world dominated by pace, scrolling, and individualism, it's actually surprising we don't step back to ask it more often. More Than Company exist to answer it, designing collective purpose to reimagine our modern lives.

Founded by Samantha Roche, More Than Company is both a community and strategy platform, serving to educate inquiring minds on the topic of creating purposeful connections. There's a strong academic backbone in everything they do. Research is drawn from the scientific evidence base across the contemporary anthropology and social psychology domains, and used to inform their practice wherever possible. What does this look like in practice? More Than Company teaches individuals, groups and companies how to meet, work and gather with more intention.


We crafted a visual identity that can navigate its way from the watchful world of academia to the backlit glow of social media without jeopardising the integrity of the underlying research behind the service offering. The typeface hierarchy spans the gap from approachable attention-seeking to the delivery of rational intellect. Colour selection creates a sense of calm letting the audience focus and the education flow.

Scope here included the delivery of a full brand identity, digital learning material design, an early-stage web presence and marketing strategy to support the facilitation of community growth.


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Website
  • Strategy