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Legend has it, an independent winemaker with remarkably good hair wanted to experiment, to fly beyond the structure of his core range. Seeking full creative freedom in process, he sat down one night and (no doubt after a few pinots) dreamt up the Sui Generis. A series of experiments, one-off creations never to be repeated. They push the boundaries of what ends up in the bottle and how it gets there.

Each year Hamish Young from MADA makes one of these very creations and collaborates with a different artist to dream up the accompanying visual identity. The brief is always completely open. He simply gives you a bottle and says “make a label to capture what’s inside”. There’s no consideration of overarching brand identity allowed - the whole point is to celebrate the temporary experience that exists inside each small run of Sui.


So we got the bottle, drank the wine, forgot to take notes, asked for another bottle, remembered to take notes, and this is what we wrote down:

  • Fuck me this is unreal

  • So, so rounded

  • Velvety

  • Textural

  • Lush yet standout acidity up top

  • Ballsy for a Vermentino

We firmly believe that all the above should look a bit like the bottle you just saw.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Packaging Design
  • Photography