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Canned Goods


Some brands are broad, far reaching with a seemingly vast potential audience that they need to hit. Others are narrow and focused. This one here is about as pinpoint as it gets. 

Canned Goods was born out of a searing passion for hospitality photography - and only that. A lover of real culinary experiences, Melbourne-based artist Monica Styles shoots for the world of restaurants and bars. The stories she tells through photography and copywriting are as authentic as it gets. No sugar-coating with over-processed, over-lit scenes to be found. Rather, her work carries honest representations of experiences and process from front of house to back of house and every cool-room and licked plate in between. She represents only a tiny collective of venues at a time, managing their social media feeds from start to finish. 


From name to visual identity, everything about the Canned Goods brand confidently speaks to the mission at heart. A no-name palette, a delicately-strained balance between scale and negative space as the brand’s goods are pushed around the touchpoint like items on a kitchen shelf. This leaves us with an honest portrayal of a passionate artist - one with a focused offering and a deep, deep love of food and the odd Negroni.


  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Website